How to Enjoy the Drive-In

Frequently Asked Question's

Our prices include 2 first run movies with an intermission break between the movies. We also have our own “drive in radio show” which plays for over an hour before the movie starts. This usually amounts to OVER 4 hours of entertainment for the one low price of $11 adults; $7 ages 4-10 and under 3 is free. We now accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as cash (sorry no personal checks permitted)!!!
Also…an ATM is on the premises for your convenience.

The drive-in opens Friday – Sunday at 7pm. When open during the week (Monday-Thursday), the drive-in is open at 8pm.

New movies are published to the website every Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming Friday.

Reserve your parking spot at the Vintage Drive In to ensure you get a great view! View parking HERE.

Note: This does NOT include a movie ticket.

Movies are combined for the best value movie experience.

Yes, but we now require a food permit to bring your own food and drinks which is $8.00.

Theatres indoor and outdoor pay a large percentage of ticket sales back to the film companies. Therefore in order to be profitable we must encourage people to visit our concession stand or buy a food permit.
We get asked A LOT about this and we have to say NO because the ticket you purchased is for that screen and those TWO movies. We are required to pay the film Companies based on revenue for the two movies you purchased. The agreements we have with the film companies forbid us to allow screen switching.
They actually send screen checkers out to our theatre to check and count customers on each screen.

Yes, but please keep in mind you are responsible for cleaning up after it and keeping it leashed at all times.

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Screen 1

The Little Mermaid

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

Screen 2

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

Screen 3

The Boogeyman

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

The Wrath of Becky

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

Screen 4

Fast X

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)

The Machine

Release: Jun 15, 2021 (08:55 pm)